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The Tri-Color Shell Stitch Scarf

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This scarf uses the shell stitch, which will be rewritten in the pattern so that it doesn’t just say: Shell Stitch in next 8 sts. No. It’s going to be written as *dc 5 in same st, skp 2, sc 1, sc 2* around. Just letting you know. This scarf is a very textured one. It took me a lot longer than the other ones, probably because I was using a smaller hook, but anyway, lets get on into it.

Note: If you were to resize the yarn (width-wise) you would have to, for your foundation, you would have to chain a multiple of six plus one (e.g. 36+1 – 37. 42+1 – 43.)


  • 3 colors of your choice, A, B, and C.
  • 3mm/D hook
  • darning needles


  • dc – double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • skp – skip
  • sk – slip knot
  • fd – foundation
  • rw# – row number(e.g. rw1 would be row one)
  • rws# – row numbers(e.g. rws2-200 would be rows two through two-hundred)
  • rpt – repeat

The Pattern:

In color A

fd – ch 37

rw1 – dc 3 in fourth chain from the hook, *skp 2, sc 1, skp 2, dc 5 in same st* rpt around

Note: At the end of every row, you will end on a single crochet. Do NOT do another five double crochet.

rws2-10 – rpt rw1

change to color B

rws 11-20 – rpt rw1

change to color C

repeat in this fashion until you have 200 rows.

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