Making Your First Pattern!

You’re finally here. This has got to be a moment of relief. Well, let’s get into it! This is a scarf that I made with chunky yarn so it is easier to see. I would recommend using chunkier yarn because you can do more with a big hook than with thin yarn and a small hook.


  • Chunky yarn color of your choice (I used pink Bernat Blanket Brights)
  • A 9mm/M hook.

Abbreviations (What you’ll find in the pattern to make it more concise):

  • SK – Slip Knot
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet

The Pattern:

To start, make a slip knot

ch 300

Now, in the third chain from the hook, sc 1 and continue down the row of chains. (298 sc)

(Now, ch 1 and in the third chain from the hook, make another single crochet. (298 sc))

Now all you have left to do is repeat that until you have 12 rows. It’s that simple!

If you enjoyed the first section of “How to Crochet,” then I encourage you to keep on going!

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