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Knotted Headband

Hello! I thought this was a good first post as this was one of the first patterns I tried. However, this is easy to screw up and hard to go back and fix. Despite many disadvantages, this is a wonderful Christmas gift and goes well with any color. This tutorial includes pictures to make it easier to stay on track. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy yourself!

For this project, I used a 4 mm/G hook and a spring-time blend of Red Heart yarn.


chain — ch

double crochet — dc

slip stitch — ss

To start, make a balloon knot (How you start most projects)

For the base row, it is not entirely a set number of chains, but rather the amount to fit yours or someone else’s head. For me, it was about 100 for the times I made it.

Now, join with a ss into the first ch.

For the first row (and the six after that) ch 2 (counts as first dc) and make a dc in each ch all the way around. Once you reach the first dc, ss into it.

Repeat the first row until you have 6 full-fledged rows. If the headband seems to be branching out too far and seems it would be too big, there are two options. One, leave it. And two, begin with this pattern: *dc 5, skip 1 dc* repeat until end of row.

Once you have finished all six rows, cut a two-foot-long tail and pull it through the loop.

Now, begin wrapping the tail around the headband. Once you’re done it should look like this:

Now just thread in the ends and you’re finished! Congrats, I hope you enjoy it.

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