How to Tie a Slip Knot

The slip knot is a crucial part to starting almost all projects. Whether you’re making a scarf, amigurumi, or just changing colors, it is useful. To start, hold your yarn taut in both hands.

Holding yarn taught in both hands

Now, make a loop with the right side above the left. (Make sure to have some yarn left on the right side.)

Make a loop with the right side over the left.

Now, with the right side, push it through the loop (without pulling all the way through)

Pulling the right side through to a loop.

Now, pull on the left side of yarn to tighten.

Tightening the loop

Now, to fit your hook to the loop, stick your hook through the loop and pull the right side.

A finished slip knot!

And your done! Once you catch on, you can do it in almost no time at all. You can now start almost any project. If the pictures didn’t really help here is a short video to help instruct you:

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