How to Make a Chain

As much as the human body’s functions and crochet are completely different, cells and chains are pretty similar. Much like the cell theory, I have developed the first chain theory. The chain theory states:

  • All crocheted things are build off chains (mostly)
  • Chains are the smallest unit of crochet
  • All chains are built off more chains (except for the first one)

Now despite some mishaps, this theory is going to change the face of crocheting as we know it.

Okay, I know that was a bit weird, but seriously, that’s crazy! Anyway, lets jump on into it.

Once you’ve finished your slip knot, begin by pulling the yarn in your left hand and pulling it up around the back end of your hook.

Yarn over (yo)

Now, with your first and third fingers, pull the loop over your yarn over. This can be easily done by putting the yarn that you took over in the notch on your hook and pulling your loop over as shown in the video.

How to Make a Chain

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