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How to Crochet

Did you ever think about trying to crochet, or even tried it but just can’t get it? Well, this is the place for you. Here, you’ll find plenty of articles that will lead you through a series to becoming a crochet master. Without further ado, here’s the series.

The Basics: (The stuff you need to know)

How You Hold Your Yarn: This is something that is totally up to you I don’t care whether you choose to use your fist, or whether you choose to do it as I do, it is totally up to you.

Slip Knot:This is the place to start. Most basic patterns require you to know this. It’s simple and shouldn’t take you long to learn.

Chaining: Chains are the basic unit of life. I mean crochet. They make up everything (almost.) All chains come from other chains (except the first one.) Anyways, read and find out!

Single Crocheting: Single crocheting is how you are going to really add some depth to your crocheting. After this you can start your first tutorial!

Using Darning Needles: Ever notice those super annoying yarn tails that ruin the atmosphere of a good project? Well, now you can fix them with the help of darning needles.