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Gray Ripples Scarf

This scarf is designed so that it can be worn with either side showing. There are ripples on either side and that is what makes this possible. Anyway, I would recommend this pattern from someone who has the basics down, and wants to travel a little out of their comfort zone. For a portion of this pattern, you will need to work in the back loops of stitches. This is pretty self-explanatory and you shouldn’t really need any help for this, but if you do, look at the video at the end. Anyway, let’s get on into it.

Note: This pattern is worked in rows not rounds.


  • Bernat Blanket Yarn (I used Silver Steel)
  • 9mm/M hook
  • Darning Needles


  • sc – single crochet
  • blo – back loops only
  • sk – slip knot
  • stin – stitch into
  • fd – foundation
  • rw# – row number (e. g. rw1 would be row 1)
    • rws# – row numbers (e. g. rws11-100 would be rows 11-100)
  • ch – chain
  • rpt – repeat


fd – sk and ch 17

rw1 – Starting in the third chain from the hook, sc 15

rw2-9 – rpt rw1

rw 10 – sc 15 blo

rw11-100 – rpt rws1-10

Working in the back loops of your yarn

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