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Hello! Recently I have gotten into amigurumes, or amigurumis that look like people. So far I have done Bob Ross, but I am willing to do anyone as long as you have a viable picture of their visage.

Bob Ross; Large (16″); 2 Accessories: Paintbrush, Pallet

As far as pricing goes, I have narrowed it down to about three categories:

Large (16″): $30 (Comes with 2 Accessories) If you want anymore accessories after that they are $2

Medium (I haven’t been able to determine the size yet because when I tested them, they came out at many different sizes, but I will update this when I get an average): $25 (Same rules for accessories as Large)

Small (Same sizing predicament as before): $20 (Same Accessory rules)

For the accessories, I will do anything you want that you think would go well with your amiguru(me), preferably something small. Some examples for accessories might be: sunglasses, umbrella, fedora.

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